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CVR Labs Pvt Ltd established in 1999 to provide quality analytical services to the Environmental and Industrial Hygiene study for the Industries. We are committed to providing quality analytical services to our clients. We can guarantee ethical and accurate results strengthened with doctorate and postgraduate intellectuals.

CVR Labs have pioneered VOC and HC monitoring in India; We did environmental hotspot of international ‘fame’ dubbed as Gas Trouble (I & II) by Green Peace at SIPCOT in Cuddalore and this was carried out for the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, Nagpur, the premier institution for environmental engineering research and consultancy in India. The results of CVR Labs were quantitative, quality assured and well received and incorporated into NEERI’s report.

CVR Labs were also the first laboratory in the country to carry out fugitive VOC, HC emissions assessment in the work zone of a refinery complex and in the ambient air as per the TOR of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India, for the EIA of several expansion projects of the refinery.

As an independent, commercial testing laboratory, we provide services to varied industrial clients, government agencies and more. With state of the art technology, we are fully equipped and staffed to offer a wide range of services and analyses.

CVR Labs provides the following laboratory services

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