FSSAI has approved CVR Labs, Chennai for collecting Imports samples from Chennai and Tuticorin port... Approved By BIS (packaged drinking water & container testing), Accredited by NABL, FSSAI (Chemical & Biological) and MoEF, Certified by ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 9001:2015. Hand Sanitizer Testing, Face Mask Testing & Standardization. Process Engineering, Process Development, Waste Water and Solid Waste Treatment Consultancy.

CVR Labs Food Testing Services

CVR Labs is experienced in providing reliable analytical services to the food industry. Our clients range from meat distributors and grocery stores to food manufacturers. Our dedication and commitment motivates us to provide personalized service to each of our clients and meet all demanding needs.

CVR Labs is accredited and approved by NABL, FSSAI, BIS. CVR Labs has testing, inspection and training under one roof. Having all the necessary accreditations, recognitions, certificates and approvals for testing. We can help you to produce quality and safe products. And we offer a wide variety of food testing services.


Testing Services:

Why Food Testing?

Food is essential for growth, energy production, repair of cells and the maintenance of proper health. It is important to test food in order to know what types of nutrients and minerals are located in the various foods that you eat as well as biological analysis.

Test results should come from a competent laboratory with appropriate technical expertise in food analysis using techniques such as gas chromatography and high-pressure liquid chromatography for analysis of the purity, or determination of the content, of many substances in mixed samples. Inductively coupled plasma is a type of mass spectrometry that is capable of detecting metals and several non-metals at the low concentrations required in industrial monitoring.

Why CVR Labs?

CVR Labs has the entire advanced analytical instruments for recent food testing procedures and also involved in developing and validating new and advanced methods for quality analytical testing services.

Why Food Safety?

It is widely accepted that a quality management system is a tool to support business survival and growth in the long term. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a preventive system designed to ensure that all food safety production is operated according to the Codex Aliment Arius International Food Standards. The objective of the HACCP system is to prove that products are properly manufactured for the health and safety of consumers by avoiding three hazard sources:

Why CVR Labs?

Assuring Holistic and Quality Analytical Services by an integrated team of Competent, Experienced, Reliable and Recognized Professionals. CVR Labs closely monitors Physical, Chemical and Biological Hazards of Food that results in fruitful living for people.

What FBOs need?

Food manufacturers must have traceability in their industry to ensure their food products are safe, with no contaminants or residues, and to provide accurate nutritional information. General laboratory testing of a manufacturers product should include the following techniques:

Why CVR Labs?

An independent Service provider who understands FBOs requirements from every perspective and design services to meet your exact requirements in a multiplicity of scenarios.

About CVR Labs Food Safety Services (CVR Labs-FSS)

CVR Labs is committed to keeping readers informed of regulatory news and developments. CVR Labs provides a comprehensive range of food safety and quality solutions including analytical testing, inspections and technical support. The company continually invests in world class testing capabilities and state-of-the-art technology to help clients reduce risks, and improve food safety and quality.

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