FSSAI has approved CVR Labs, Chennai for collecting Imports samples from Chennai and Tuticorin port... Approved By BIS (packaged drinking water & container testing), Accredited by NABL, FSSAI (Chemical & Biological) and MoEF, Certified by ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 9001:2015. Hand Sanitizer Testing, Face Mask Testing & Standardization. Process Engineering, Process Development, Waste Water and Solid Waste Treatment Consultancy.

Industrial Hygiene

We care about the safety of workers and citizens of the community. That is why we provide a full range of Industrial Hygiene services, and have done so for almost ten years. With clients varying from consultants, industrial companies and school districts, we have the experience and proficiency to provide accurate data that will in turn help protect innocent people from potential health hazards.

CVR Labs will provide routine sample media kits that include PVC filters, MCE filters, sorbent tubes, pumps and other related equipment. Our experience in Industrial Hygiene testing allows us to offer competitive turnaround times for the convenience of our clients.

CVR Labs offers, but is not limited to, the following industrial hygiene analyses:

Category Details
Chlorinated Pesticides by NIOSH 5510
Welding Fumes by NIOSH 7300 Al, Sb, Be, Cd, Cr, Co, Cu, Fe, Pb, Mn, Mo, Ni, Ti, V, Zn
Aldehydes by NIOSH 2016
Aromatic Hydrocarbons by NIOSH 1501
BTEX by NIOSH 1501
Diisocyanates (including MDI) by OSHA 42 & OSHA 47 1,6-HDI; 2,4-TDI; 2,6-TDI; 4,4-MDI
PAH by OSHA 58
PAH by NIOSH 5506
Alkaline Dust by NIOSH 7401
Dust by NIOSH 0600 & NIOSH 0500
Chromium, Hexavalent by OSHA ID-215
Mercury by OSHA ID-145 & NIOSH 6009
Metals by NIOSH 7300
Cyanide by NIOSH 7904 & OSHA ID-120
Formaldehyde by multiple NIOSH methods
PCB by NIOSH 5503
Inorganic Acids by NIOSH 7903 This method measures the total concentration of six airborne anions. The corresponding acids may be collected on a single sampler and determined simultaneously.
Volatile Organic Compounds by TO-15 Air samples are collected in a Summa Canister or a Helium Diffusion Sampler. VOCs are concentrated on a solid sorbent trap, refocused on a second trap, separated on a GC column, and passed on an MS detector for identification and quantification.
Volatile Organic Compounds by TO-17 Ambient air is drawn through a multi-bed sorbent tube where VOCs are trapped. At A & B Labs, the tube is thermally desorbed and analyzed by GC/MS.
Volatile Organic Compounds by TO-15-HDS The HDS Personal Monitor simplifies the monitoring of chemicals in the workplace. A breakthrough new technology based on helium diffusion yields a sampler that is small, light weight, cost-effective, universal, and defensible.Above all, the HDS Personal Monitor delivers highly reproducible results unaffected by factors that create errors in other diffusive samplers such as matrix concentrations, varying humidities, and fluctuating face velocities. An HDS sample is collected based upon the higher diffusion rate of helium relative to air, creating a vacuum that pulls air in as helium escapes. A surrogate recovery compound is added to every HDS Personal Monitor to substantiate the collection of a proper sample in the field as well as to prove effective recovery during laboratory analysis. A simpler way to collect canister samples is now available

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